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Nation Game 4: Diplomacy (Setting/Fluff) Thread

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As the fighting in the Brother-Zicom War escalated, casualties did as well. Among those men (and occasionally women) fighting in the eastern front were the United Front Volunteers, a division of nearly 10,000 volunteer infantrymen - men and women - armed with their nation's finest military equipment, shipped out to defend their ally's lands at their request. As time went on, more and more signed up to be a part of the military, hoping one day they would get picked as part of the reinforcement train that was sent in once every two weeks.

Leader of this division was then-Brigadier General Michael Referand, who graduated from the Juvian Military Academy fifth from his class of forty-five.


As another Zicom attack game, the thuds of artillery thundered through the air, impacting the ground, vibrating the very soil beneath General Referand's feet. His command post - a dozen tents planted in the ground half a mile from the frontline - was makeshift, too makeshift for his liking. His tanks hadn't been reinforced for the past month since they first arrived - eighteen of his original twenty-five Archangel tanks remained.

The arrival of the Brothers' new Nautilus all-terrain tank had been of great benefit and relief of the effort in this sector of the war. Had they not arrived so soon, the continuous waves of Zicom tanks would've completely crushed Referand's miniature tank squadron.

And not only that, but tomorrow was the day new reinforcements were to be shipped to his division of volunteers. Just a day eariler would've helped him a lot.

But the enemy was attacking now.

With just 7,000 troops and eighteen tanks, Referand was at a major disadvantage. An estimated 20,000 Zicom troops and, at the most, 100 Predator tanks, were attacking his force. Just 3,000 Brothers troops had survived the encounters since the volunteers' arrival in the war.

Outnumbered two-to-one. Not a good position at all.

Then thundering in the distance was the Archangel tank line, the tanks placed closest to the enemy, due to their short range. They were dug in as deep as possible. But instead of hearing a second salvo, he heard nothing but gunfire.

Then coming over the crest of a large slope were eighteen of the remaining Archangel tanks, charging at an incredible speed toward the next part of the large yet not-so-steep hill his defenses were located on.

"What the hell..."

And behind the Archangels came the mass, the enemy he expected, thousands of Zicom infantry charging the slope, followed by dozens of their Predator Mk. I tanks.

Not even glancing at his staff officer he spoke. "My staff car. Now."

The man didn't reply but immediately left his post and called for the general's car.


The trench was filled to the brim with the remaining volunteer infantry. They all sat there, waiting for the enemy to come closer, their yells and screams chilling all to the spine.

Referand shifted through the somewhat cramped quarters of the trenches. Artillery fire still rained down, dirt being flown everywhere, men screaming to be heard over the sounds of explosions.

The Archangels drew closer, firing sporadically into the following enemy, desperate attempts at scaring them away.

Referand stood on top of a crate. He had to inspire his men someway. Their morale was too low already.

"Men!" His yell was barely heard over the explosions. Every soldier in the trench that heard him - damn well near a thousand men - all turned toward him, listening intently. Behind him, the Archangel tanks drew closer still.

"There is no longer a comradeship between soldiers. This is a war of annihilation. If we are to survive this fight and return home to our mothers, our mothers, our wives... we must fight. These bastards have attack out allies, and they send their men to their suicide at out hands. But they believe it will end now. They believe that destroying us first will forces the volunteers out of the war, scare us from helping the Brothers at all." A pause, raising his arms to swipe at the air beside him. "Well then, I guess they're wrong."

The men cheered, and he continued. "They come, demanding territory, slaughtering our brothers and our comrades and our friends on the battlefield, the cowards they are. Before this, I respected Zicom. Now I think they are nothing more than cowards, all of them."

The men cheered again, anger in their eyes, so many watching their brethren die at the hands of their vicious enemy.

"This is the day we show them what we are made of. If we die here today, our families will know what to do. They will not back from the conflict. They will attack Zicom, and attack until they submit! We will invade their lands, we will burn their farms, we will take their guns, we shall kill their animals, we shall burn their parliament, we shall imprison their leader forever!"

A powerful cheer lit the men below him. Behind his back the Archangels were on the brink of crossing the trenchline.

"Men... comrades in arms... this is it." He turned, and his troops raised themselves as high as possible. He bellowed the words; "THIS IS IT!"

A deafening roar lit the trench as the men cheered their leader. They stood down as the tanks rushed over the trenches, and then they rose, poking their rifles over the lip of the defenses, and firing their weapons, the Brothers-issued Sta-52 LAR. Screams from the Zicom infantry filled the air, and the Archangels retaliated, and explosions took the place of where the Predators once rolled. Zicom troops fell in droves. Overhead, a single round from a YM-MP-01 hit an enemy aircraft. It lost control, crashed into another fighter, and the both locked together, plummeting to their ground until theywere engulfed in explosions.

As the Zicom infantry continued to fall en masse, Referand lead the charge. "Onward! We. Will. Show. Them. They. Are. WRONG!"

The men cheered yet again, another time, and then jumped the trench, running, recently-fixed bayonets gleaming in the suddenly-appearing sun, the men charing, screaming, and Referand charged, holding the banner high, the flag of the People's United Front waving strongly in the breeze.

The Zicom troops looked up, at the wave of enemy troops, and they broke. The remaining troops pulled back in horror and shock, the remaining Predator tanks exploding into oblivion, Archangel MBTs moving by swiftly, firing their cannons as the infantry shot the enemy troops in their backs.

And then the carnage was over. The sun was high now. And Referand looked on, his men cheering in ultimate triumph, the very recent Zicom attack on their sector pushed back, very possibly permanently.

And Referand stood on the remains of the Zicom fighter's wing, the engine, with holes all over, still attached to it's host.

He held the flag in his left hand and sang;

"When the flag is raised
the people will ask
the answer so craved
the unseen mask.

Until the past,
one man and his brothers
stood and cast
the shadow so many stand in.

And we shall sing
as the flag flies high
we shall abolish the king
and it will exist nigh.

A new age has come,
democracy will rule
monarchism will be shun
and the good shall rule.

And the men continued to cheer, victory theirs, the battle, one, patriotism and nationalism taking over, pure pride for country and for family.


Referand, as a result of his overhwhelming victory in pushing back the Zicom offensive in his sector, was promoted to Major General. But the House of Councilors looked at the casualties - a total of 9,000 of their own men (and women) had been killed as a result of the month-long volunteer assistance. Before reinforcements were sent the next day, the volunteers had come home, relieved of their special duties.

United Front troops would never again assist the Brothers in peacetime for a long time.

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The House of the Gators new found intrest has spread to its factories and they have made the following products.

This is the program built and designed by Creed Industries, it is called the "Keep Forward Operation". The program gives wounded soldiers another chance to fight by giving them replacement robotic body parts. The rank of soldier has no effect on the program, every well healthy soldier missing a limb, will be given a replacement of highest quality and they keep it until death.

This program demonstrates the use of the "Bug-Eyed" project, produced also by Creed Industries. This specialized helmet is worn by the most commemorated soldiers and officers in the Hooded Brothers regiments. A small temporary chip is required in the back of your neck. Once you put on the Specialized helmet, a sudden boost of energy, senses, stamina and agility occurs, making the soldier more then three times his efficiency. Once the battle or conflict is over the chip is easily removed.

Militerized AI Veterens

The final robotic installment is a fully functional Robotic AI. These AI are smart AI's and will learn and experience until they can't operate any more. Hostility to humans has been completely exterminated at “birth“, and the AI's belief that there almost human as well. Creed Industries was sued by many public officials for manufacturing this product, but Creed Industries was found none guilty. The AI's also can hold jobs and political offices, so they feel comfortable and stable around humans, the invention of the AI system was considered a scientific marvel

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I wish to trade 4 c[ocaine] with the House of Brothers for 8[0000] gold.

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How about four Cocaine for Nautilus MAT Schematics?

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iAmJimmyHoffa wrote:I wish to trade 4 c[ocaine] with the House of Brothers for 8[0000] gold.
I don't keep track of gold. Officially I set my gold total to 0 and use drugs as a currency within my country. Wink

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I don't even know if Gold is valuable or not. XD

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The night skies light up with red above the many battlefields and nations as it seems the very cosmos themselves fight.

The Martian magnetosphere, despite its youth, triumphs over the skyfire. Electrical grids in some less-advanced areas are disrupted, yet beyond that, there is seemingly no damage.

The Council warns that it could have easily gone much, much worse. "The sun is a fickle mistress. More dangerous than any enemy, and more vital than your very heart."

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following recent defeats on the front Zicom technicians have developed many new technologies that are to be put into place immediately

1) the Predator Mk. II, the Predator Mk. II uses rail gun technology to pierce through any armor placed against it.

2) The Predator Mk. II Chem tank, the Predator Mk. II Chem tank uses highly corrosive shells that when set off or burst a mist of highly corrosive acids shower the area, digesting all in its way

3) The "Fizz out" Mobile artillery systems, the Fizz out uses EMP shells. When the shells hit the ground they send out EMP waves for .4 seconds disrupting any mechanical implants/ Electrical Systems/ or Back up electrical systems.

4) Zicom infintry forces are now half mechanized, using out newest APC the Shreadder.

5) due to the nature of trench warfare Zicom infintry have now been armed with flame weapons, Flame throwers and Phosphorous grenades are to be seen on the battlefront soon.

and a message from our Leader Kane

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On the front

Zicom forces now armed with there new arsenal begin there push into non brotherhood held colonies, resistance is met and our weapons tested... it will be many weeks until our forces on the Eastern front will be armed with these new wonder weapons, so until then they are ordered to hold fast and counter any push made against our lines...

The inhabitants of one of our newer colonies being absorbed into our great Zicom Initiate were armed with a small squad of archangel tanks. When our forces stormed their lines the losses in Predator Mk. Is were outrageous, soon the reserves of Predator Mk. IIs made their stand, killing them all in one salvo... it seams as tho the Predator Mk. Is will soon be upgraded to Mk. IIs within the week... our forces also came into contact with hardened enemy postitions, the Chem tanks did there duty and our mechanized forces stormed what was left...

From a soldier's diary
"when we stormed out of the APC all we saw was puddles of goo, until the Jammison, the squads new flame thrower armed trooper, let fly. then all that was left was scorched remains of earth works."

our forces are now prepared for whatever may come

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Many Hooded Brother scientists have witnessed the carnage being started by Zicom’s armies and there new weapons. Many civilians have fled to the Hooded Brothers borders with examples of civilian brought wreckage. We examined as many of the weapons as possible, including the Rail gun, Acid tanks and Flame throwers.
Once the test was complete they saw that the Nautilus armor could block up to a min four hits on its hull(in the direct same place), in any spot from Rail gun spots, and is unshaken by the acid, for the flames there is no effect. Same goes for the Turtle APC.

Hooded Brother infantry men's clothing was not a match for both the Acid and Flame, so the Scientists have a new cloth proven to have no effect on the Soldier. The Acid and Flame also has no effect on their suits due to fire retardant abilities. So no update is needed on them either.

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Instituted just mere days after volunteer United Front troops were pulled from the battlefield, Zicom military forces are outfitted with a brand new arsenal of weapons, including a newer, more efficient version of the Predator (this time a Mk. II) and even an acid-throwing variant of the tank. Despite the Brothers' Nautilus all-terrain tank able to take hits from both tanks, many aren't so sure about the Archangel. For a moment it was the planet's most advanced tank, and then it was snuffed out.

Already the day-and-night-working scientists and developers plan to make an upgrade to the armor of the Archangel, planning to use a powerful steel armor mixed with the secret, lightweight ultra-heavy metal discovered thanks to the Brothers' elite research teams.

The Kingdom of the Brothers and the People's United Front have also agreed to partition the lands far north between each other. However, frightening that the troop convoys may be destroyed, the United Front volunteers to develop and deploy an efficient, state-of-the-art naval warship to protect the transports they will be escorting.

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Juvian Times Post

When the House of Brothers and our United Front agreed to partition the Lost Lands of the North, we have no navies. So the small fleet of transports we had in our navy was partially donated to the Brothers so they could launch the colonization of the north. But the fear of some enemy sabotage grew a new problem - neither nations own any warship capable of combat. And so we stepped up.

The designers of Guderian Shipbuilding Co. have recently presented our new warship, the Guderian-class Destroyer. Armed with 3 150mm cannons (two at the bow, one at the stern), many anti-air cannons and machineguns, and forty-four missile tubes (twenty-two on port and bow each), and even debatedly twelve torpedo tubes (6 on each side), the Guderian is the best the People's United Front could develop for now. Once the economy has fully grown, larger and more powerful warships will soon be developed to rule the seas.

An early prototype, instead carrying a single 150mm cannon at the bow instead of two. Photo taken from the air by Viktor Hoffmaan.

But for now, however, the powerful Guderian-class will have to do for protecting our troop transports. -Jon P. Kim[/u]

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Juvian Times Post

When Chancellor Jusiac was deemed unfit to rule as leader of the nation, many Councilors spoke up against his apparent affair with his secretary. So, in a majority vote, the Chancellor was removed and Councilor Ormadilo was voted in to replace Jusiac as leader.

Many soon regretted. Within the next day of taking office as Chancellor, he claimed that many surrounding territories were rightfully territory of the People's United Front. Many people have outspoken against what they call "treason", fearing it may lead them into an unwanted war.

The Chancellor has claimed the following nations has territory that should belong to the people:

314 (Black Organization)
315 (Black Organization)
316 (Brotherhood of the Fist)
372 (Brotherhood of the Fist)
295 (House of Illumin)
462 (House of Illumin)
462 (House of Illumin)
464 (House of Illumin)
200 (House of Illumin)
201 (House of Illumin)
203 (House of Illumin)
202 (House of Illumin)
204 (House of Illumin)
451 (House of Brothers)
447 (House of Brothers)

Not only are some of these "United Front" territories part of our Allies' territories, but the large majority of the territories are land of the House of Illum.

The new Chancellor has also publicly spoken out against the leader of the Zicom Initiate, the man known only as Kane, critisizing him for his vast expanionism into allied territory. Ironically, many people critisize the chancellor for being a hypocrite.

Now, an anti-government force has begun to form as a result of this new election. What they call themselves the "People's Loyalists" are lead by ex-Chancellor (and also General) Jusiac, and Lieutenant General George Marx. Leading the "Government Loyalists" are, of course the Chancellor himself, and most likely Major General Michael Referand.

Tensions have risen significantly and people are debating furiously over the issue. -Michael J. Woolworth

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iAmJimmyHoffa wrote:
316 (Brotherhood of the Fist)
372 (Brotherhood of the Fist)
You could take that, but trading land means you have to offer something in return; you'd lose as much as you gain! As for warring with me, I don't think that's a good idea. ^^

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I plan to make a possible turning point in the geopolitical status of the planet, particularly that of the People's United Front, tomorrow (last weekend before summer! W00T!).

-Jimmy (not my real name of course -_-)

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Juvian Times Post

Just earlier today, the ex-Chancellor Jusiac (however able to keep his generalcy) has responded to the recent territorial claims of the People's United Front lead by the called "corrupt" Chancellor Ormadilo by saying he would lead an insurgency against the chancellor's "new regime". Slowly the numbers behind him have increased to a point that Ormadilo said he would take action if Jusiac makes an attempt of rebellion against "his people's government".

Tensions have also risen due to an attempted assassination on Ormadilo during a public speech at Juvian Sports Stadium. The shot fired from the unsuccessful assassin's rifle was a very unfortunate shot, having fired when the wind was strong to the opposite direction. Ormadilo escaped with no injuries. A bounty sum of $500,000 has been offered for the capture or any assistance provided toward the capture of this fugitive.

Major General Michael Referand, known for his valiant command of the 10,000 men of the volunteer division fighting Zicom under the banner of the House of Brothers, also spoke today. It is apparent he tried to remain neutral in the rising tensions throughout the nation.

"General Jusiac has every right to question our government," he spoke to a crowd of thousands, "but he has no right to lead a rebellion against the government. Despite what people may think, our new Chancellor Ormadilo may have made more wrongs than rights, which isn't and is his fault. Only time will tell if he is fit to rule this nation as Chancellor.

I also want to thank James for the doughnut. It was very tasty. Thank you."

Indeed, only time will tell if Ormadilo is fit to rule the nation. Already the people have been split - whether violence will come, only time will tell. -Jon P. Kim

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Juvian Times Post

After the removal of all United Front volunteer troops from the Zicom-Hooded War (which has temporarily met into a ceasefire), Zicom announced the creation of the Predator Mk. II, harnessing the power of rail gun technology to pierce any and all armor thrown against it. Knowing a future war with Zicom could be disastrous, technicians have decided to completely upgrade and refit the Archangel MBT to try and cold-war Zicom's upgrades to their army.

To start off, the Archangel's cannon has been upgraded. Instead of it's older 125mm smoothbore cannon with increased accuracy/velocity at the expense of range, the cannon has been replaced by a 135mm-caliber HEAT-firing gun. Armor across the body (primarily the front and the sides) has been increased from 4.5 inches of heavily-reinforced steel with kevlar to 5.5 inches of the very strong steel acquired from the House of Brothers not long ago. A 1-inch thick plate of kevlar can be used to catch any shrapnel should the super-secret metal fail.

In order to counter the introduction of the Predator Chem tank, experimentations have begun with a bio-weave "cortosis" armor for United Front infantry. Although it initially does not 100% fully protect the soldier, it gives them enough time to get to cover and (if the fight ends quickly) it can be removed. Tests have been done to try and thicken the armor to increase survivabilty while trying to keep the weight to a minimum.

Tanks have also been experimented with super-strong armored plates at key locations, including the rear, front, and near the gap between the turret and the chassis.

As a result of the increased caliber size of the tank's shell, an external pod for carrying about a dozen more extra shells has been added.

Surely these upgrades will benefit the army for years to come. -Michael J. Woolworth

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Goddamnit everyone's grabbin' the b.
It's my b goddamnit!
I want that b.

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Juvian Times Post

Earlier today, territory in the far north that was promised to be United Front territory was just taken and absorbed into the Zicom Initiate.

Thousands to millions have called for immediate action, for a temporary war for control of the north against Zicom. However, many fear that doing so will allow Zicom to break through Hooded lines in the local area and attack our homeland.

It is undecided what to do. For now, it is only possible to ask for a withdrawal from the territory in exchange for gold or even military technologies. -Michael J. Woolworth

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The People's United Front asks peacefully that Zicom leave the Lost Lands of the North for five gold and the original Archangel tank design. (the 125-mm cannon one).

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20 gold is sent to PUF to help sort out this dispute.

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War with black organisation!
Fluff isn't optional, is it?
Well ... Their lands are in chaos, and cultists in need of a secretive master need look no further than the crimelord Harry "The Fist" Bourne 'imself, 'avin' grown 'is little house to a big one over the course of many months.
The Fist was always lookin' to expand, but 'e didn't want to risk the fallout of usurpin' the throne from its rightful owners, House Illumin, and 'e considers the Hooded brothers and Zicom to be 'is friends.
The Fist may be a bastard, but 'e doesn't sell out 'is friends.
'owever, 'is friends' friends are fair game.
So, if one of 'em leaves an opening, that counts to The Fist as a business opportunity.
And 'arry is nothin', if not practical.

Those addicted to all of life's vices are advised to grab whatever spare weapons and machinery (That the guards have very conveniently overlooked) may have been 'accidentally' left open to the public, and go out to war.

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iAmJimmyHoffa wrote:The People's United Front asks peacefully that Zicom leave the Lost Lands of the North for five gold and the original Archangel tank
design. (the 125-mm cannon one).

we have the original Archangel design, captured from the peoples of 339, we have dissected it and found weaknesses, which if war occurs again, will be exploited

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Mr. Black publicly announced today that he is stepping down as CEO of the Black Organization, and is not naming a successor. This is seen an unofficial dissolution of the Organization, and the normally-efficient bureaucracy that governs Black territory has collapsed into anarchy. Rioting in the streets is expected to follow soon after.

Mr. Black mysteriously disappeared after the announcement, along with several of his top officials. Rumor has it they've left for an unmarked island in the Great Sea. The discovery that half of the treasury is missing seems to support this theory.

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