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Nation Game 4: Diplomacy (Setting/Fluff) Thread

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The Fist wrote:The Fist wishes to trade 1f to the Hooded Brothers in exchange for 1b.

The Fist wishes to trade a complete resource package (a, b, c, d, e, f) to anyone willing to offer military aid. The world map is getting cramped, so there's bound to be a fight soon.
The Fist can offer 2 of these packages, to 2 potential allies. Smile

If you're planning to attack one of these players, please let The Fist know beforehand (in a PM, obviously). I'm going to need more allies, so if I help someone with a war now, I might get help with a war later.
House Illumin (White)
House Anralette (Orange)
House Lanun (Dark Blue)
the Black Organisation (Dark Grey)
I will not help attack the Zicom Initiate, as they are supplying me with resources.
I will not help attack the Hooded Brothers, as they are supplying me with resources.
I cannot help attack anyone else as they are not nearby me.

tl;dr need friends.

I accept the trade.

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During a late night raid deep within Anralette lands near Mt Helena Zicom special forces hit a large warehouse of Communist weapons, supplies, and a list of suppliers/ members, most shocking of this is that most all of the weaponry in the warehouse was supplied by the Anralette government themselves, there seal still placed upon the crates, and there manifests matching the delivery given to the Communist Cell, last but not least, the manifest was signed by the leader of Anralette and approved for use. Upon getting the news of this corruption withing the highest echelons of the Anralette government, Our Glorious Leader Kane has issued this statement

"Friends of the free world, we have in the past broken free of the chains that communism has placed upon us, WE BROKE FREE, and we do not wish for those chains to be placed upon us once again... I am now Ordering the Zicom military into action against this threat, all Anralette government assets withing Zicom are now absorbed and all supporters of the Anralette are to be taken into custody as Communist Sympathizers.

Once again the Zicom Initiate stands at the forefront against the communist threat, we will not falter, and we will prevail."

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I'll back you up with that war just as soon as this map discrepancy is resolved, and I see an "I declare war" in the turn thread. :^)

The Brothers of the Fist assist the Zicom Initiate, by declaring war on House Anralette.
Terms of peace:
When the Zicom initiate stops attacking, declares peace, or orders me not to attack, I stop attacking.
Otherwise, I continue supporting their advance.
My goal in this conflict is A. To secure the Benzene, and B. Secure Zicom's support for possible future campaigns.


"Hey, Fist."
"Yes, Devon?"
"There's war started in the south between a Trading institution and some Communists."
"Are we involved in any way, Devon?"
"No, Fist. But one of our suppliers is."
"What's he supplyin' us with?"
"Benzene, Fist."

The Fist thought about this for a moment.

"Well, Devon - I can't have my Benzene being wiped off the face of the planet. I don't particularly care where it comes from - but I must protect my supply of Benzene."
"And what of the Lands, the People, the Diplomacy, Fist?"
"Use the Lands to farm Benzene, hire the people to farm the Benzene, and collect money from the people when they buy the Benzene. As for Diplomacy, Devon, I move that we get as many people hooked on Benzene as we can - that way we call the shots."
"Cunning tactic, Fist. So how exactly do we secure the Benzene?"
"Simple. We assist whoever's supplying us with Benzene, making sure our benzene doesn't go walkabout."
"Additionally, we'll want to secure any benzene-farming regions - if we can do so in a polite manner. On that note, do be polite to Mr. Anralette. He honored me with his presence in the games hall, and he was a good sport, despite being a crappy dice roller. I can respect a man like that. 'owever, Benzene is Business, and Business must always come before Pleasure."
"Offer Mr. Anralette and his family a cushy job managing the Festivals and Parades in my lands - the last guy who managed it got the map wrong and they ended up marchin' through the School district -after- the Red Light district. I did not have fun explainin' that one."
"And what'll the terms of surrender be, Fist?"


"When the Benzene is secure, and my good friends and dealers the Zicom Initiate no longer require my assistance, the war is over."

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"My people and comrades in arms. A shadow looms over our nation, cast by the liars, the greedy and those who would seek to simply end our very existence. We are few in number but strong in arms. Our detestable neighbours have broken the borders and now creep towards us like the slugs that they are.

As of 0800 hours this cycle House Anralette and the Zicom-Fist Alliance are at war." Torrem Anralette, Head of House

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*Shrug* if Zicom doesn't attack, I won't.
I'm mostly just farming allies. Smile

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The armies of Zicom have mobilized and are preparing to cross the boarder, Forward observers have noted that there are communist elements aiding in the defense of the Mt Helena defenses. It seams as tho they are desperate to hold off all attacks in this area.... the full weight of the Zicom mechanized divisions will hit here with there full force.

(I declared war, therefore i make the opening move)

Kane addressed the army today saying
"there will be no surrender, only the cleansing of this communist threat from our lands. Our forefathers fought the communists, now we take up there torch and light the world consumed by darkness. We will show these communists what we can do, WE WILL WIN!

(terms of surrender, there are none... war of Cleansing is to take place)

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*Shrug* Guess I'm backing up Zicom in Genocide. I did agree to see this through >.>
I can't deny, however, that I am one worried dude!

Any of you bros want a pack of 6 resources? 1 of each. Got 2 packs here to give away, in exchange for military aid.

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The Fist wrote:*Shrug* Guess I'm backing up Zicom in Genocide. I did agree to see this through >.>
I can't deny, however, that I am one worried dude!

Any of you bros want a pack of 6 resources? 1 of each. Got 2 packs here to give away, in exchange for military aid.

You're adding dice rolls, not actually attacking, correct?

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alongside our older tanks the T-62 a new design just put into mass production will make its first appearance. The Mk.1 Predator tank

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FireBlaze wrote:
You're adding dice rolls, not actually attacking, correct?
Oh, I'm attacking, of course! ^_^
Want the other 6 resources in exchange for your dice rolls? *shrug* nobody adjacent wants them and ally rolls are better than nothing.

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The Fist wrote:
FireBlaze wrote:
You're adding dice rolls, not actually attacking, correct?
Oh, I'm attacking, of course! ^_^
Want the other 6 resources in exchange for your dice rolls? *shrug* nobody adjacent wants them and ally rolls are better than nothing.

Sure, why not.

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Small detachments of the Black Knights are loaded into ships and sent to support Zicom and the Fist in the upcoming military operations in the South.

An Organization representative has been sent to the Fist to negotiate terms of the military support ((supply package please?)).

In other news, the Organization's holdings on the Peninsula are increasing at an astounding rate.

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The Hooded Brothers start loading up there legions, and send there support to Zicom and The Fist. Any civilians or enemy soldiers are sent to Zicom and the capital to be executed. Soldiers are ordered to show no mercy to enemies that fire upon them. If civilians don’t give them information or support are to be executed on the spot.

The Hooded Brothers throw in allied dice. I'm making my assault in the west.

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This operation is already in effect. Transcript as follows:

TA: So, how many again?
VB: Everyone, Sir.
TA: Everyone.
VB: Everyone, Sir.
TA: The entirety of Mars is attacking us?
VB: Yes, Sir.
TA: Do you have any contingency plans?
VB: No, Sir.
TA: We can't win this war, can we?
VB: No, Sir.
TA: We should leave, shouldn't we?
VB: Yes, Sir
TA: Perhaps Venus is nice this time of year ...

All units are to return to central command, full withdraw is in process. Modular city blocks are currently under deconstruction and retreating forces are advised to burn all crops where available, but this is neither a primary nor secondary objective. As we are currently under a DEFCON 2 alert status the civilian population will of been evacuated and in all frankness they will likely of gone before you finish this document. The powered armour suits are a top priority, all Powered Regiments will be placed first on the military evacuation plan and will be safeguarded by retreating forces. Under no circumstances are you to return to the engagement area anyone doing so will be tried for treason.


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FireBlaze wrote:
Sure, why not.
Premier Cherdenko wrote:((supply package please?)).
And minotaur wants the supply package as well.


Edit: a full 6 resources to the Black Organisation, and I'll send 3 each to the Order of the Hunt and House Lanun (both rolled the same). Hopefully this'll prevent people from becoming angry at me!

Brothers of the Fist resources:
3a, 5c, 4d, 4e, 4f native.
Brothers of the Fist trades:
1c,1d to Zicom (Teal) for 2b
1e,1f to Hooded Brothers (Purple) for 1d,1b
1c,1d,1e,1f to Order of the Hunt (Dark Green) for protection
Brothers of the Fist resources after trades:
3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3e, 3f.
Resource package being sent to players:
1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e, 1f -> Black Organisation (Dark Grey).
1a, 1b, 1c -> House Lanun (Dark Blue).
1d, 1e, 1f -> Order of the Hunt (Dark Green).

Brothers of the Fist resources left over:
1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e, 1f. Full bonuses Smile

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The member 'The Fist' has done the following action : Roll Dice

'Six Faces' : 1, 1, 5

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Zicom Tanks: Leading the Way

with the one month war at its height Zicom tanks reached multiple cities within the enemy homeland. Reports came in from the front that the enemy was trying to pack up their cities and move them, Zicom tanks were ordered to not leave one standing... all convoys of buildings were properly destroyed, wither they tried to fly away, or to crawl away... not one got away. The Zicom air force proved themselves that day.

with the purging of the Communist threat peace may at last be restored...

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Today House Illumin mourns the tragic death of several members of the Oaen House. Terrorism, perhaps related to the Communist regimes operating in the South, is being blamed for the brutal suicide bombing attack that left 8 dead and 4 more injured.

House Illumin sends our deepest sympathies to the remaining members of House Oaen.

The attack has severely destabilized the region, and martial law has been enacted in Oaen lands. House Illumin has acted swiftly, and must sadly close its Western borders to prevent the immigration of terrorists into Illumin lands. Should the Oaen family regain control of their lands, House Illumin offers to help in the rebuilding efforts.

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Weeks after the cryptic message, The Council sends out another through high-priority, secure means, to all stable governments- the Throne and Church included:

"We have observed the Sun for many months. Analysis has been completed; an ejection event (i.e. skyfire) of unknown strength has occurred. Records from previous solar radiation impacts are scarce, and as such we cannot estimate what effects a solar storm will have on the young Martian magnetosphere.

It will strike the homeworld in a week, Mars in two. Satellites and ships in orbit will likely malfunction. As for the ground itself, there may be no damage at all. There are no means of knowing.

The only options are to prepare and wait.

The Council"

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Rumors begin to swirl about the land of a joint Lanun-Fist infrastructure project, which is said to change the very land of Mars.

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House Illumin is making preparations for a major announcement in the coming weeks.

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Much happens, we sit and wait.(sorry for da dissapperrance, had family issues to deal wit.

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Lord Oaen wrote:Much happens, we sit and wait.(sorry for da dissapperrance, had family issues to deal wit.


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After a year of Mars being without a figure on the imperial throne, House Illumin has stepped up to be next in the line of succession. The news comes amidst a time of crisis on Mars, a re-emergent terrorist organization having gained a foothold in the south.

William Illumin is the most qualified living man to hold this highest honor, and the Illumin family has had strong ties with the throne since it's inception. A once-again unified international government will be a boon to the entire planet.

In his first order of business, a generous bounty is placed on the head of any known communist, rebel, or insurgent. Terrorism will not have a place on Mars.

Most of the former Imperial Staff has been replaced with with House Illumin appointments, with some notable exceptions.

Harry Bourne has been named Minister of Peace, a newly created position to replace the duties of the Ministry of Defence, primarily in the direction of the armed forces of the world.

A relatively unknown diplomat from the Black Island has been appointed as Minister of Plenty, a newly created position to replace the duties of the Ministry of Commerce, to oversee public access to food, supplies, and goods.

Two new branches of the imperial government have been announced, but are still in formative stages. Details on the Ministry of Truth and the Ministry of Love are scarce at this time.

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((Ooc- I'm just going to ignore those subtle facist/communist undertones to the Imperial government, and instead go along with my original plan))

The rumors, detailing a joint Lanun-Fist operation, which had been swirling around for some time, have appeared to be true.

"Leaked" information from a high ranking engineer on the project has revealed the intention to connect Lake Lanun's basin to the Ocean of Hunt.

The estimated time table for this project appears to be about two to three, with the finished political/geographical map attached to this.

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